Privacy Policy

Privacy is a prime concern for all service providers.

Why do Bridge Bills Collect User Information ?

Bridge Bills Collect only required information from the users and not irrelevant information.

  • To manage the user record information
  • To provide accurate services required
  • To track the user performance
  • To update the user with regular releases, newsletters and other regular tips.

The personal information collected from the users will not be misused, shared or sold to any third parties.

Bridge Bills is not responsible for the data or information loss happened upon integrating Bridge Bills with any other third party software.

The information recorded in the software is completely confidential, and guarded with the required protocols. The transfer of data between the service and the user is strongly guarded with the SSL Certificates.

Bridge Bills is not responsible for the data or information loss that happened because of the misuse from your organization.

In spite of the fact that the subscription of the user may have ended or the user may have broken the tie with Bridge Bills, the information or data stored will not be misused.

We may send email about the new release, updates, newsletters to the registered email address from registered Bridge Bills Account.

Bridge Bills is liable to use the Feedback provided by the users on websites, social media pages and other newsletters if required.

You may opt out from receiving the emails about new releases, updates, newsletters and others anytime by contacting our support team.

Bridge Bills are liable to follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the Google User Data as Bridge Bills is integrate to the Google API Services for easy signing up and other .