Data and Information entered in Bridge Bills are securely maintained.

Bridge Bills Safeguards and stores your data with the assistance of Digital Ocean Cloud Service Privder.

Godaddy Inc. offers protection the created Domain.

How Secure the data is in Bridge Bills ?

All data exchanged between users and the service via Bridge LCS is encrypted thanks to SSL certificates provided by reputable certificate authorities.

The encryption security employed in conjunction with the services must be supported by your browser inorder to achieve this.

Who can access the Bridge Bills data ?

Your inputted or imported data is safely saved in a database and is only available to those you have given permission to use the services

The safekeeping of your password from unacess or theft is your responsibility.

No authorization is provided to the Bridge Bills employees to access and misuse the data without user’s consent.

Data Confidentiality

The financial entries and other crucial information entered into the system will not be shared with any other third party services unless any integration is requested from the user .

If any technical error happens in the account, the team is entitled to use the particular module of the software with proper user permissions. (with the complete consent of user)

Bridge Bills are not responsible for any data loss because of the third-party integration requested and accomplished by the user.

The user is entitled to inform the Bridge Bills team, if they are planning to integrate the Bridge Bills with any other third party services.

Data Availability

Data captured in Bridge Bills are automatically backed up at multiple servers located at multiple locations.

Information can be recovered without any data loss in case of server failure among the multiple servers available at non identical locations.

Bridge Bills uses Digital Ocean Cloud Services to support efficient storage, backup and data recovery.

You affirm that you have read, understand, and are authorized to act on behalf of any person for whom you are using the Service by registering to use the Service.